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The Normal West High School Concert Orchestra

2023-2024 Concert Orchestra Officers

President - Pierce H.

Vice President - Mariah C.

Treasurer - Corbin R.

Librarian - Lexi R.

Social Media Chairs - Bella & Chayil

2023-2024 Events and Performances

Note that only performances are listed.  A full rehearsal

schedule can be found on the Calendar page, under the

EVENTS pulldown menu.

  • 29th Annual Hauntcert

  • Unit 5 Music Parents Musical Extravaganza

  • Winter Concert

  • IHSA Solo and Ensemble Concert

  • March Concert/Sinfonia Orchestra Concert

  • Spring Concert

Dates and times are tentative, and changes are possible. If necessary, any modifications will be announced in class and/or posted to social media as soon as possible.

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